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Once upon a time, there were two mirrors...

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Mirror A, standing 6Foot tall in the walkway. I went up to it, asked: "Mirror mirror, show me a handsome face..."

Instantly, an image of a youth popped up in sight. Despite his face being marked with tiny imperfections, he was content, he was confident.

So I decided it was time to go to bed. I washed my face with luke-warm water, then went into my own bed room where all my acne treatments were screaming: "use me!"

Then I saw mirror B lying next to my computer desk. I picked it up and asked: "Mirror mirror, show me an ugly face..."

Instantly, an image of a youth popped up in sight. Despite his desperate attempt to fake confidence, his face was fully shrouded in red patches, he was unhappy, his face was warped.

Out of anger, I threw mirror B with full force at the concrete wall. The mirror plane was immediately shattered into pieces.


Now to summarise that crappy story - I'm seeing two different images of me on both mirrors. Which one is the 'real' me everyone perceived me to be?

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I SO know what you're talking about! I look completely different depending on which mirror I look in. You could always ask someone to take a picture of you outside in natural daylight, but photo's can do funny things to ya too. Funny how people with clear skin usually look more or less the same in any mirror or lighting but when you have acne it can make all the difference :confused:

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I think, feel the same way. At my friends house, in the bathroom the mirror makes my blemishs hardley as visible. A light skin pink fading to skin tone coloour. "Yay! its clearing up!"--I say to myself grinning ear to ear.


I go home. Wash my face. Look at my redder blotches and uneven skin toned face. "Never mind it looks the same.." . I told that to Heather, and she said. She noticed that too. But she honestly thinks that the bathroom lighting is the best, most real lighting in her bathroom. I think she was just trying to make me feel better..the good friend she is.

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