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greasy skin

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Does anyone else notice that there skin is mre greasy and shiney using the BP Gel.

Benzoyl Peroxide doesn't affect oil glands, but if you were using a cream or lotion BP prior to the BP gel, that may be the difference you are seeing. Some of the cream/lotion versions have oil-absorbing ingredients in them that help to mattify the face.

If you need help with the shine, you can consider oil-blotting sheets or blotting with a clean dry napkin. And if you suspect your moisturizer might be part of the shiny issue, do blot but you can also consider using a bit less of it and see if that helps.

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Hey.. I'd like to bump this one. I've recently started dan's regimen and I'm having the same issues. I'm following procedure RELIGIOUSLY.

morning I wash with spectrojel wait 5-10 apply dan's bp gently, olay moisturizer with spf

night is aqua glycolic wash (PH balanced gentle 10% glycolic acid), bp then olay with jojoba oil

Its the first couple weeks and I'm breaking out in much bigger zits than I'm used to but skin is starting to look healthy and more colourful in certain areas so I'll give it time.

just like brandy my skin seems REALLY greasy after bp even before I moisturize or jojoba up. the last two days I've used those oil absorbing sheets about 5 minutes after bp and I literally drench about three of them.

can anyone relate or have a suggesty?

much thanks

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I can attest to BP causing excessively oily skin, i actually have the pictures to prove it. I am 100% less oily since i stopped the use of BP and i can prove that aswell... this is one of the reasons why im strongly against the benzoyl peroxide.

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Yes, it made me shiny the first time I used it with my moisturizer. I think it's because Dan's BP is a gel formulation, while Neutrogena's a cream, which used to make my skin matte. I use a tiny, tiny amount of moisturizer (Burt's Bees Marshmallow moisturizer) where I need it. Plus, I blot my skin a few times a day. Just take a napkin that has texture to it and blot.

I gave up Neutrogena's On the Spot because of the parabens in it. Parabens are estrogen imitators--NOT GOOD. Dan's doesn't contain any parabens.

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