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how to balance b5 and dry skin.

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i know b5 reduces oil. so my skin is pretty dry right now. but i hate it when it gets flaky. whats the best thing to do. i moisturize during my regimen. i only take about 2.5 g of b5 a day. i use to take salmon oil caps, but does b5 prevent that from reaching the skin? skin is all about whats going on in the inside. and for those that do take b5, do you guys still use BP? cause i do. that may cause extra dryness already, but thats the reason why i moisturize. i dont want dry skin. any advice can help. thanks guys.

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Yes B5 reduce oil by produce Coenzyme A: is necessary for the metabolization of fat. So if you also use BP take it experiment : Look your chest touch: If you see your skin also dry not smooth or soft than it is becouse B5. But Probably problem is just BP.

For Extra supplements that can you nourish/feed you skin are mainly skin elements:

Vitamin C

Vitamin E


Ascorbyl Palmitate

Alpha Lipoic Acid (very important)

Dmae (Very important)

Grape Seed Extract

You can buy from VitamineShoppe or another store can ask Skin elements any supplements that contain DMAE , ALA and Vitamine E,C


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