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my journey with accutane

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I guess I was inspired to start my own log after reading every one's journal. I want to start off by wishing every one the best! BE CLEAR STAY CLEAR!

Now onto me, I'm 23/M battling with acne since I was 15. At the time, I thought stuffs like this would go away. My skin would heal, I just need to give it time. Who was I kidding!? :lol:

I was put on antibotics, Minocycline, for about 6 months. I was using a topical cream (EndoXXX) and Retina-A gel at the same time. That helped a lot. I was acne free for atleast 4-5 months. I thought my junior year in college would be acne free but once again, I was wrong!

I was put on Accutane once, 40mg/day. I did not take it seriously at the time. I would take one every other day and refill my prescription a few days late.

After reading every one's success with Accutane, I went to my derm and told him I will take it serious this time. He re-enrolled me into iPledge and prescribed me Sotret 30mg, twice daily (60mg/day).

I'm on my 11 day and my face looks the same. Just the common side effect, dry face/lips. Nothing lotion couldn't help. :angel:

From reading every one's success stories, I am committed to my 6 months course! :)


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