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help, i failed my bloodwork

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okay, so i just finished my first month of accutane and went to the derm for a new perscription. i was caught totally off guard when he told me that my triglycerides were very high and that i needed to take another bloodtest.

i dont get it b/c my bloodwork was fine last month and i doubt that accutane would raise my triglyceride level but keep everything else normal.

im gonna have the bloodwork in about 4 days. does anyone know what i could do to lower my triglycerides? i really dont wanna loose my perscriptions and have to stop accutane.

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Accutane is known to raise triglyceride levels in some people, thats one of the reasons you have to take the blood tests. I've taken accutane twice now and each time my triglycerides were elevated above normal and stayed elevated during the course of treatment. They went back down to their normal level after treatment. As long as your triglycerides don't continue to elevate to dangerous levels then your doctor will probably let you stick with the accutane.

You need to go on a cholesterol lowering diet (low fat, low sugar) and you need to exercise everyday.

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roc: yeh, i fasted for 12 hours. i drank like 5 bottles of gatorade that day though, so i don't know if that affects the test or not.

browndude: thanks for the reply; i really hope he'll let me stay on it.

another question though..

are u suppose to take accutane whille fasting? (like the day of the bloodwork)

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