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Wow, Retin A Micro is working great!

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I had bad acne for a long time, a few years, and eventually, I had to go to a doctor, I couldn't live with it any longer. I get some antibiotics after I tried Proactiv by myself (Didn't do shit, it just hurt like hell with them damn beads, the sulfur mask is a lifesaver, though) and I was disappointed to see absolutely no change whatsoever. I was also on an antibiotic cream, and that, again, did nothing. I finally wanted Accutane after trying that, and I tried a ton of natural things too....none of them worked at all. I didn't get Accutane, but instead, I got what I think of to be the "diluted, cream form" of Accutane.

It's working miracles for me. Sure, I still break out, but I only get about 6 pimples MAX each break out, and the rest are blackheads that come out in just a day or two. My scarring is disappearing, and even though my skin dries, it's going great so far. It's been about 9 weeks, and I do still break out, but it gets better, and each time, it takes longer for me to break out. Lately, it's been the best ever for about a year or two, I'm amazed.

Any thoughts on how long I should stick it out? If it's working, I'll stay on it forever, until my acne just stops completely, but should I stay on it, and not switch to Accutane? I heard something like 12-14 weeks you should stay on it, and if the acne isn't totally clear, then just stop. But I want to stick with it for a LONG time, and then see if it just slowly eliminates my acne, instead of taking the Accutane risk......I don't want the side-effects, or the IB all over again.

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Yup, Retina micro worked great for my bother. He had moderate acne and it pretty much cleared him up after half a year. Then he got cocky and went off retina...his acne came back a few months later. Now he is on tane per my advice.

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Guest Sincerely_Me

Congratulations! I'd take the advice from your derm, IMO. Stay on it for a few weeks and see what happens. Maybe you should get an antibiotic...not necessarily Accutane, but have you taken anything else like Doxy/Mino/etc?

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