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need a moisturiser without irritating ingredients

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hi, i'm looking for a moisturiser that doesn't contain any irritation ingredients i.e salicylic acid. And also something that does not block pores, i've searched so many places and the only ones that are made for acne prone skin contain some kind of antibacterial ingriedient like salicylic acid which i don't need because i'm using benzoyl peroxide. could someone please help me out on this one.

thank you

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I like the Kiss My Face stuff. The Peaches and Cream, Obsessivly natural is good. Nothing in that brand has salicylic acid or BP in it. Play around with what they have, they have a ton of different varieties.

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if you want non irritating, you should definately stop looking at anti-acne moisturizers in the first place

depends on where you live you can check international regimen supplies, and you can also read through snow-queens great thread on skin irritants where she suggests some good products that contain none

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I've used several moisturizers in the past, and right now do a rotation of 3 different moisturizers each day.

I haven't found a moisturizer that was less than fifteen dollars that didn't leave a film or clogged pores, or created an oil slick, but once you go above 15 dollars-40, there are quite a few to choose from.

I've tried all the Clinique, Aveeno, Clean&Clear, Ponds(YUCK), and other drugstore brands, but found that moisturizers I found online or at Bath & Body work the best:

Alba Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer, Aloe & Green Tea---this runs around 15 bucks, it does have a fruity smell but it was definitely light weight and soaked in quickly.

DDF Moisturizing Dew---35 dollars, probably the lightweight of the bunch. When you just need a little bit of moisture this does the trick. (the amount they give you doesn't seem to last much) No smell and the quickest absorbancy i've had so far.

ATOPALM MLE Face Cream--30 dollars, I use this sparingly and on skin emergencies when i'm traveling.

The Current moisturizers I'm using are for anti-aging, and contains Glycolic Acid---helps with acne, but doesn't cause me any irritation.


NeoStrata Ultra Skin Smoothing Cream AHA 10---15 dollars. Great stuff! 10% AHA but is non-comeo, and oil-free.

Absorbs fast, gives your face a dewy finish.

AlphaHydrox AHA 12% Souffle--16 dollars, I just recently bought this because drugstore.com had a buy one get one free deal! But this is like the neostrata, except it takes longer to absorb.

Joey New York Calm and Correct---40 dollars. I use this when my skin is really dry(not drinking enough water) This is the heavy weight of my moisturizers. It doesn't absorb the fastest but it definitely delivers the moisture.

And on another note, I've found that using the B. Kamin Chemist Bio-Maple Vegetable Cleanser to be the best cleanser in the woooooorld (well for days when you don't want a red face from benzoyl peroxide). It seems to gently cleanse and keep the moisture in the skin at the same time. This saves on the amount of moisturizer I have to use.

Well I hope my experiences will help you with your search for moisturizers!! :surprised:

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garnier pure moisturizer is good for acne prone skin. Doesnt contain any SA or BP or anything but it does contain zinc (which is supposed to help with acne) and it keeps your skin dry and prevents oiliness throughout the day.

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