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Anyone here drink organic milk?

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Yes, I drank organic milk... but I didnt notice my skin clear up.

Even though organic milk is free from most chemicals, the high sulfur content drains calcium straight out of the bones and causes an array of other health problems. In fact, we urinate the exact amount of calcium right out of our bones in the same quantity as we drink it :P.

When I cut out all dairy/meat products, I noticed my skin took on a glow and almost all of my health problems disappeared. I always had a cough - for six years straight - and 2 weeks after I started on my meat/dairy free diet, my cough vanished :)

I also always had achy joints... my doctors told me I could take painkillers and that this was age. My joints have not hurt one bit since cutting out the dairy/meat.

I cant believe how many overall health improvements I have felt. My weight went down a little bit and has evened out to a nice average.

I also have TONS OF ENERGY and people say I look like I'm very healthy for my age. I've been on this diet for 2months and would NEVER go back to the way I was eating.

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I noticed the exact same thing when I stopped eating meat/dairy 2 years ago. My joints (I have a very bad knee) stopped getting sore.

Weird eh? They went back to normal within 2 weeks.

My skin also took on a glow and looks a lot better :)

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