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Tazorac to accutane

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My regimin consists of evoclin foam 1% in the morning, with tazorac and sodium sulfacetamide at night. It helps, but it's not enough to keep me clear. How do I transition between this regimine to accutane? My derm is foreign and hard to understand, she kinda confused me... The tazorac is obviously the harshest of these medications, while the evoclin and sodium sulfacetamide do not irritate my skin whatsoever. Here's what I was thinking of:

First week: Same evoclin + sodium sulfacetamide, very little tazorac and start slow with 5mg of accutane per day.

Second week: Increase to two doses of 5mg accutane for a total of 10mg per day, stop tazorac altogether, continue evoclin + sodium sulfacetamide.

Third week and beyond: up it to two 10mg doses of accutane, and continue evoclin + sodium sulfacetamide until acne clears, then wean off until I'm only on accutane.

Does this sound like a good plan? Or is it not a good idea to use tazorac with even a tiny dose of accutane? Please help, this is confusing, I don't want relive that awful "initial horrible breakout" phase...

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