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Well, I gotta admit, I've been having strange dreams lately and maybe it's because I'm taking accutane or/and there's too much in my mind :lol:

Ok, so I've got a boyfriend and we love each other very much. We've been together for almost a year and our love just keeps on growing stronger.

Last night, I had a dream that we've decided to hmmm....make love :shock: . Just for the reference *ahem* we're waiting for the right moment and time. But anyway, so in my dream, I felt like it was soooo real.... very realistic! We have the heat and chemistry...lol... so I remember in my dream I was so happy. But I kept on thinking... *oh wait, I'm taking accutane! isn't that dangerous?? I'm not allowed to do this!* lol... So I was kinda worried about that but at the same time, so happy. Until........ my phone rang and woke me up :evil: . Then, I tried to go back to sleep... I really wanted to have a continuation of the dream but I couldn't fall asleep :cry: . *sigh* oh well... maybe next time... who knows..lol.

But I just think it's funny I had such a dream and I was thinking about accutane the same time! lol.

Do you also have dreams related to accutane??

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I had a dream about accutane. I stabbed my roommate and everyone knew it was me and wanted to take away my accutane because it made me go crazy and stab my roommate.

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she probably wasn't using contraception in the dream.

Right, you answered the question correctly :lol:

Wow... what a dream you had! I hope it doesn't really make people crazy like in your dream..lol.

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Maybe they put something in the accutane to remind you on a nightly basis not to get pregnant while on accutane... :think:

I wouldn't put it past them.

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i had a scary dream where i was in my room at night and i was the only one in the house and i remebered that the front door was unlocked and i heard someone walk in and i went to go look from the top of the stairs and this big fat hairy scary guy was walking up the stairs and i couldnt move a muscle i just stood there in shock and he went in my room to see if anyone was home and then i started running down the stairs and he was chasing me wanting to rape me and he was gaining on me as i ran out the house into the night and he was saying come here take off ur clothes. i woke up and it was like 3 am and i was so fucking scared and couldnt go back to sleep so i watched tv untill i fell back to sleep

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