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has anyone found that BP changes normal red pimples into white heads? i dont want to pop them but they are raised and have huge heads! is it the product or is this a normal reaction? i have been on csr for 1 week.

cetaphil cleanser-2.5 OTC- cetaphil moisturizer morning and evening?


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i had that exact same reaction for the first few weeks. ive never read anyone complain about that tho so i just assumed it was a wierd reaction on my part. the good news is that it stopped happening. i wish i could give you a time, but i dont remember. all i do know is that it stopped happening soon enough that i didnt quit csr.

i recommend you dont pop them if you can avoid it. there are lots of people who will tell you that if it is a whitehead you wont scar if you pop it. that may be true for them, but i have many a scar from a popped whitehead.

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but there dont seem to be any new breakouts- just preexisting papules turning into pustules...

is this normal? will it get better? i am afraid to spend the night with my boyfriend as i wake up with huge white spots!

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that is exactly what happened to me and it stopped happening. I really cant remember when it stopped happening, but it did. honestly tho, i prefer whiteheads over anything without a head.

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