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how to treat a nodule??

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hey up to until now my acne has been reaonsable mild with the odd moderate breakout but ive never had a nodule. on my chin i have a big hard lump i can feel so much in there but it hasnt got a head and is swollen. ive read people talking about shots from the derm but here in the uk u have to wait months to see a derm so thats not an option. any ideas? im on antibiotics anyway is that going to help?

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I poked mine with a needle, but wouldn't recommend that for anyone else.

I've only ever had 1 nodule and I lanced it. This actually worked (despite what I read everywhere), and I managed to completely drain it. It took about a week after for the redness to go, but they can last for ages so I thought fair game.

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only a cortisone shot from a dorm will provide immediate relief. Other methods such as spot treating with TTO and BP, warm compresses, and such--they are just ways to make you feel "that you are doing something". Truth is, they will do little, really. Time is only the other option.

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I had one huge one about a week ago, it started off as a small bump and grew slowly for the next few days.The proactive sulphur mask does wonders i tell u.Use it twice a day and just put it on that area, mine has dried out and flattened up, leaving behind an area of dried skin and a small bump like a whitehead

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I'm going through exactly what you're going through. I got my first.. nodule? for the first time this week, or atleast I think that's what it is. The size of a dime, hard, very painful. I don't know what to do to it though.. it hurts so much. I never thought I'd get one. :cry:

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