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Recently my face has been breaking out, and I modified my diet (hoping it would work), but to no such luck. I've been using ProActiv for 7 months now, and now it is beginning to irritate my skin. Not only that, but I think that it doesn't properly clean my make-up off of my face. At night, I'll wash it and rinse of course, and then when I apply the toner, there is so much make-up that rubs off onto the cotton ball. At that point there is not much I can do, because my face feels like it's stinging and I don't want to wash it AGAIN.

So I'm considering switching to Cetaphil, because I heard great reviews and that it actually CLEANS off make-up while cleaning the skin as well :D I plan to switch my regime to a Cetaphil face wash, and then just using the ProActiv Repairing Lotion, which contains 2.5% BP.

Now, I'm not interested in using Cetaphil in the soap version, but I was wondering what the "style" is that I can use? I'm basically looking for the proper name, as opposed to just "Cetaphil Cleanser." And if anyone has any information/personal experiences about it, I would be very grateful!

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hm.. Well the cetaphil doesn't remove make up as well as some of the others would as in the purpose cleanser. The only thing that I did hear was that there are a few people that use the cetaphil without water and then gently wipe their face with a soft tissue, although since I didn't try that myself, I'm not sure if that'd acutally work. I'm not sure if there was something else you were tring to find out, sorry.

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