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Murad Acne Complete Kit - advice needed

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I'm on day 1 of the murad acne complete kit.

However it cost me nearly 50pounds.

Its ment to do a good job and if it does what happens after it clears up a bit, do i go back to my normal chaper face soap or do I still buy murad products, or do I just use noting but water!

At this moment every soap and acne wash gives me worse acne, so murad is my last hope.

Your advice needed what to do if the murad works.............

kind regards,


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If your normal routine hasn't worked in clearing up your skin, do you think that after you get clear it'll stay that way once you go back to your normal routine? I think not. If you find a regimen that works for you, STICK WITH IT!

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Murad is terrible, be careful with that shit. After 1 night I woke up looking like a blowfish.

Yeah....I would second that. Although for me it was after I was about 4-6 days into it.

I don't want to scare you tho, everyone's different. And, it may work for you.

But, for me, it tooks weeks to recover from the horrible breakout on my cheek that Murad gave me. And I wasn't about to keep going despite them saying it was "purging."

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