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So after sucessfully finding some diabetic lancets, tonight I took the plunge to try needling. Anyway, to my surprise, I didn't have to push the lancet considerably to break the skin and induce bleeding. In fact, I didn't feel a thing. So off I went, gently pricking the scar in various places, and following through with a few others. I thought I'd only attempt needling on 4 or so, just to see how I respond in the weeks following.

Now here's where things got nasty. As I started poking another scar, I felt nauseous. Subsequently, I felt dizzy and my sight went slightly blurry. I guess the best way to describe it was exactly like getting absolutely drunk or off your chops (admittedly, I've only ever been slightly drunk once, so I cannot really compare).

From the bathroom, I wandered over to my bed (a short distance away, since I'm currently residing in a studio apartment) knelt down and hoped the feeling would subside. It didn't - I started pacing, thinking what on earth was happening to me, began to stumble, dropped my lancet, went back to the bathroom, and then fell flat on the floor. I picked myself up, stumbled to my bed and just sprawled myself across it on my back. To be brutally honest, I had fears I was going to die or something, since I used alcohol swabs to disinfect my skin beforehand - while I realise alcohol is the norm in hospitals/clinics, and lot of people here use it during needling, I have read that it can cause death if consumed or abused. Naturally, that idea was flowing though my mind.

Anyway, I lay there for a few minutes, until everything settled down.

WHOA :ninja:

This experience brought back some vivid memories - I remember them clearly: Once when I jammed my finger in a door at Primary school, making it bleed (same deal, nauseous feeling etc, but the difference was I never stumbled/collapsed, and along with blurry vision, everything I saw turned bright yellow, as if the sun was shining directly in my eyes; another time when I fell during Phys Ed. (also in Primary school) grazing my knee badly on concrete (ditto as last description); another time falling back VERY hard attempting to catch a ball during a cricket match lol (ditto); once when getting a tetanus shot (ditto, although I didn't experience anything for several minutes later); and most recently, when I was accidently hit on the lip with a swinging glass mug (long story). Though in the case of the latter, everything didn't turn bright, though I DID stumble/collapse exactly like I did tonight.

Back to tonight; afterward, I realised I must have bumped into something as the left side of my stomach was sore for several minutes. I also looked in the mirror, and I was pale as a ghost. My forehead was also wet, and I realised I had been perspiring.

What happened? Has anyone experienced this, or at least had some adverse reaction to needling? I presume it has something to do with particular cases of trauma/pain (even though I felt nothing in this case), or even needle anxiety - perhaps something my body cannot handle? I'm currently googling in conjunction with this thread, trying to find out more info.

What an uncanny experience. I kid you not. I just wanted to share, enquire and even warn others (who have experienced similar things in the past) before commencing it. As much as I'd love to attempt needling again, with the optimism and anticipation to possibly reduce scarring, I'm not sure if I'll want to :confused:. Depending whether I see any results or not from tonight's effort, I guess I'll make my mind up then.

I still can't get over tonight - appreciate anything you have to say or add. Thanks for reading.

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I have nvr experienced it regarding self-needling but yes, i know the feelings u described.

Its normal for some people to react that way, its just a reaction, some kind of trigger, so dont worry too much.

If it really concerns you, talk it over with your doc, but sounds normal to me.

Its happened to me at some of the oddest times, and exactly like u described.

I also have low blood pressure which can cause faintness in itself, may be worth getting ur blood pressure checked out too. But, like i said, dont think you have anything to worry about.

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Well, to me it sounds like some kind of phobia. Though, you don't mention that you have an actual fear of blood?

But this is how people react, if their phobia is severe enough.

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I would say that you were just overwhelmed in doing something you were pretty nervous about attempting on yourself,especially since it was your face. It's understandable. I would say you probably had a panick/anxiety episode. Dont think about it too much, you'll be fine.

Her look, to make you feel better i get like that when i tried TCA on my scars, novacaine injection from the dentist,get my blood drawn, when i first popped my pill for accutane etc....not to the point of passing out but it's just too much thinking about it just breathe, relax yourself.

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The scars that I managed to treat are slightly red and some have smoothened. I notice that some individual places where I broke the skin, have risen a fraction, kinda like little bumps - I guess this is normal, and contributes to the overall appearance that the scars have filled in. I do realise this most likely has to do with swelling etc, so I'm not jumping for joy. Yet.


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Haha. I remember posting a question regarding sterilisation, but I was able to buy diabetic lancets in the end. Regarding the phobia thing, I don't recall posting anything! ;)

I spoke to mum over the phone a few days later; I explained everything and she described that she has experienced similar things before (though less dramatic I'm sure, though she has fainted in the past). Like a great mother, she told me NOT to needle again - we'll see.

I think I've noticed some improvement. Up until a day ago, at least. Keeping in mind I didn't really complete a whole needling session, due to what happened. That aside though, you know what, during the week I was able to bare my face in the sun in public, without feeling self-conscious. And I felt easy during normally awkward situations regarding light etc. The first time in years. That's how much better they looked. My face wasn't perfect, but it definitely improved. I was so excited actually, I almost took new pictures of my face to post here and compare with another pic I posted a while ago. Though, I admit, it was most likely the swelling etc which made them less noticeable.


All that said, it's only been a week, and the scars seem to be returning to their previous form. Sigh. I say that without certainty, though. I'm staying optimistic on this one. Give it a few more weeks, and we'll see.

Regarding post needling, there's still some slight redness, the little bumps I had (where I punctured the skin) are disappearing, and the skin has peeled and flaked a little. No scabs whatsover though. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not.

Anyway, I'm kinda anticipating the next three weeks. Despite what happened to me, I'm really keen to give it another crack. Another member here (who kindly forwarded instructions/details etc on how to perform needling) said his scars responded well to the second treatment. Hopefully, next time round, that will be the case for me.

Keep you all posted. Cheers ;)

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Well, I actually think yungbuk is right :P (About focusind would make you dizzy)

I've experienced that myself - getting dizzy and even feelng uneasy. Not to talk about the feeling in my eyes xD

Probably just that. Take a few breaks, while needling - see if it helps ;)

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Your body went into shock- it's normal- but is a warning that you should slow down. Many people go into shock when they are injured- just take it easy- you'll be just fine

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