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Need to know dosage for B5, Zinc, Dandelion and Milk Thistle

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I bought all those supplements in caps.

Do you know how much should be the daily dosage for each of them???

My objective is clean the liver and improve my acne.

I know you guys will tell me to do the flush too. I will, but just next month.

Thanks a lot.

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People recommend taking 10g of B5 everyday, but not all at once. It's better to eat a capsule once every few hours. 10g is a lot though... I am eating approx 5g per day, but I don't really see the results yet (I'm on my 6th day).

As for zinc, doesn't it build up in your body? Like it will stay in your body and you won't pee the excess out like with Vit C and B5? So isn't it not too healthy to be eating a lot of zinc? I'm not sure about this though...

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zinc you can take up to 100mg daily (but no more than that). 40-60mg is a good theraputic dose for most people (for acne). also depends on what form you take. the more poorly absorbed forms you can take more, but i'd still stay below 100mg. also, if you're not taking the optizinc form, it can cause copper deficiency over time. (zinc inhibits copper absorption). so you may need to take a few mg of copper each day.

zinc is also best taken at bedtime on an empty stomach, with water. for some people this can make them have nausea. i guess if that is your case, you can take it with food.

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