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[attachmentid=6065]I need to know what can be done about his kind of scarring. What kind of scarring is it? This is the kind I have, only worse. They arent deep, like these, I think there is just alot more of them.



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Those scars are seriously not bad at all, and if yours aren't even that deep, even if there is more of them....I think everyone's scars look the worst to themselves. I know how much having scars can hurt, I am just giving you an objective opinion on that picture, those are not bad at all, my friend! As far as type of scars, shallow ice picks, maybe? Are they bound down, or soft? I think to be icepicks, they have to be "tethered." They may just be scarred pores. How wide are they?

Anyway, there are things that can be done to help. Have you been to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon? I would suggest going to a few, if the consults are free or cheap. Get a bunch of professional opinions and go from there. And, don't jump into anything when you are feeling desperate!

Retin-a products have helped a lot of people. Some people have used em and not had any change. But, keep in mind, for every treatment, there are going to be some that it worked for, some that it didn't, and for the riskier ones, some that it made worse. I used retinol, working up to a pretty high strength, and it helped some of my shallow scars an awful lot. It is a lot cheaper (and less invasive) than any other professional treatment, and may be worth a try for you. There are a few other topicals people on this board have used with success, do a search if you like. I think retin-a has had the most research though, and is proven to stimulate collagen growth.

Chemical peels maybe? I have never tried them, so I can't give you specifics on types of peels and strength. But, with your scars being that shallow, peels may help. Just start low to see how you react and work your way up as you find what your skin can tolerate.

Needling seems to be the hot new thing on this board. I have tried it on a scar, and I think it has helped a little. It seems like in some cases, it can work great. In others, if your scars are very shallow and not bound down, it might be good to try other things that are going to help in a way that is not building scar tissue. I don't know, there is a lot of info on the board and others more knowledgable than me, do a search.

Fraxel is the hot new thing with plastic surgeons. I am a little leery after getting burned by a different laser, so I am going to hold off. But, the most important thing is finding a good doctor. Find a doctor that you are comfortable with, that has a lot of practice with whatever laser you are going to do, that comes with recommendations, yada yada. Before and after pictures (that actually come from the doctor, not the laser manufacturer) are good. With a lot of lasers, it is a good idea to do a test spot. Everyone reacts differently. Also, if it were me, I would want them to start off on a low power, and work up with following treatments. I know the feeling of wanting results and wanting to get the most out of it, but often less is more, and you can reduce the risk of any damage.

If your scars are bound down, subcision is an option. This is kind of like needling, but the doctor sticks a sharp instrument below the scar and breaks the tethers that are holding it down, allowing it to rise to the surface more.

So, those are the options that seem most promising to me. Whatever you decide to do, research before you actually go ahead with it. Time helps too, I think more than people realize. If your scars are relatively new, like under a year, don't be too agressive. Even after a year, if you are young, I think they still change. Some of mine, I really should have left alone longer.

Chin up, I know how you feel about your scars. I have been in a bad place lately over mine. But, there are things that can help. Good luck. (sorry if I have explained things you already know, I don't know why I am so long winded lately)

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