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Accutane Course- Almost Completed

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Hi Everyone,

I just thought I'd write a quick post about my journey with Accutane. I'm almost on my final month of Amnesteem. It'll be 7 months for me. My derm placed me on a steady course of 40 mg's daily for 7 months.

I suffered only from a milder form of acne. Sometimes it became moderate, especially when I became under stress. However, it was very persistent. I've suffered from complexion problems since I was a young teenager. It disabled me from doing a lot of the things I've always wanted to do. I'd never leave the house without make-up either. I didn't feel normal as well because I felt odd. I went through this big ritual of getting myself ready just to go to the local grocery store, or drive through. I had to cover up my spots. I missed out on a lot of fun things with my friends, because of acne.

Well, after trying a lot of topicals, bothing helped at all, especially with my excessive oiliness which in my opinion, was almost as bad as my acne problems.

Then, my derm gave me a script for Amnesteem. It's been wonderful ever since then.

I'm almost done with my treatment. It's definitely a bittersweet feeling because I'm glad to be off of it but I'm also scared at the same time; hoping it doesn't come back. But, I haven't had a breakout in about 3-4 months. I haven't been acne free since my early days in higschool, which was almost ten years ago. My face feels really smooth. I just wanted to shed some of my light onto others, to those people that are saddened because of this ailment. Keep your chin up. Clear skin is in everyone's reach. it just takes a little patience. Also, I cleared pretty quickly from this medicine, but everyone will clear on their own time. For some people, it can take only a month or two. And for others, it might take the entire course to clear. Some people might have a terrible breakout before they clear, some might have many, and some might not have any. But know that your skin will have that beautiful complexion you're longing for.

I know of three people that have taken this medication and as a result, they have really beautiful skin. They had terrible cystic acne. They had it so terrible that their faces and backs didn't have any spots that weren't covered by acne. Now, after Accutane, their skin is really beautiful. I can't believe they suffered from bad acne because their skin looks untouched. My one friend took Accutane about ten years ago, and hasn't had a pimple since.

I hope I shed some positive light for you. I know how difficult it is, to suffer from acne. Just keep your chin up and stick with your treatment all the way through. Good luck. :)

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Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you had such luck with it.

I SHOULD have already begun my first dose. But Ipledge is the biggest pain in the ass. My pharmacy still can't get authorized to give me the meds after 4 days! Hopefully though, I will get it soon.

Did you have any side effects? I know most everyone is different (except dry lips and skin). I'm more worried about the serious stuff, like severe depression. I was diagnosed with it as a young teen (not that severe). I'm very scared I could get it even worse on this medication.

My acne is very weird, so it makes me wonder if accutane will even work. Most of my face is perfectly clear (except large pores and oily skin). But I get deep red painful cysts, about the size of a nickel to a quarter on my chin. They swell up big. I will only have maybe 2 or 3 at most at a time. I get smaller zits, but my pores are so huge, they can hold a LOT of crap!

But randomly, my face will go clear...like the past month I was breaking out constantly, always cysts popping up. This past week, I haven't had one cyst, barely any zits. Its frustrating because, when I finally have a break and get some clear skin, I'm so happy and confident, but then i'm completely crushed when I wake up saturday morning (when the derm is closed) and have a huge cyst form on my chin.

AGH sorry for the long post, but it felt good to get my thoughts down. I never talk to anyone about it, so...it feels good to get it out.

Anyway, hope the accutane works permanently for you. Don't forget to come back and visit though!! Its always good to hear success stories.

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