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So i had an emtional fit in school today

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Well i kept to myself and i was mostly just angry at the world. WHy do i deserve Acne i mean if there is some force thats trying to make me a stronger person thru acne its already kinda of worked with my mom dieing when i was eight(she ment a lot to me) and im stronger then ever for it, but why the acne. Its not that its people who are judging me or anytihng its jsut the fact that i hate it an its jsut such a drag on my life. So i guess i just had a bad day or something, i jsut kinda of flet the need to rant here aobut it. I was honestly quite angry and i felt like flipping over some desks in hte class room( i kept that idea in my head thankfully). Wow that felt good ranting. Thanks people and this website for helping me.

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Guest Michael Jackson

i didn't go to school today because my skin was trash

i'm sorry to hear that.

yeah i am getting more and more nit picky, not even acne, my skin itself looks bad from bp

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You just have to deal with it for now and realize in a few years it won’t be so bad. School is a tuff atmosphere because looks are so important nowadays. This is coming from somebody who was in the same situation. The things I thought were devastating then are a bit silly now. Hindsight is 50/50.

Just remember it’s all the bad days that make the good ones mean anything.

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