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starting over

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has anyone here started the regimen over a few times before really figuring it out and clearing up?

ive been doing it for about 3 weeks now and im prety sure im on the wrong track somehow. I started off using really really tiny amounts of bp and moved up a little bit, but i havent really changed for about 2 weeks and my skin seems to be getting really irritated, im using less than he reccomends to start off with even now.i can only wash with water otherwise my face seems to feel really dry and stiff. furthermore i noticed one weekend that if i only washed my face once when i woke up i cleared a lot faster. but school started and that stopped because im kept active at school (sweat and heat get my face oily).

so basically i feel like i need to start over and this time--

start reallllllly slow. use a miniscule amount of bp for at least a week and keep careful track of moving up and making sure that i move up in definite increments, instead of just guessing. figure out how to minimize irritation, even though im already only washing with water.

should i use a tiny amount and move up? or should i jump right in and use the amount he recommends starting with? is it worth it to start over or should i just keep moving up the amount of bp, even though my face feels irritated? should i get a cleanser and just moisturize more trying to keep irritation down?

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Many people have discontinued the Regimen and returned to it later when their skin got out of control. So you aren't alone in restarting.

I am wondering about your cleanser and moisturizer though. A good moisturizer is essential in helping to keep the skin hydrated and balanced and to counteract the dryness that BP can cause. Consider Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.

Anyway, make sure your cleanser is mild and unmedicated too.

If your cleanser and moisturizer are okay, then it may be that you have very sensitive skin and will need to take much longer getting your skin accustomed to the BP. I know it is frustrating to go so slow, but given time your skin should eventually adjust and get used to it.

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my cleanser is just water. anything else makes my skin feel really stretchy and dry, i am considering buying the basis soap, i always liked that one. i use the cetaphil moisturizer every night.

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I really like Purpose Gentle liquid cleanser. You may have sensitive skin, like me, which makes it all the more frustrating to stick with the CSR. I am on week 7 and still have dry/flaky/red/burning skin. AND PIMPLES. Buuuuuuuut, I made a promise to myself to stick it out. From what I understand, unless you are clinically allergic to bp, you will eventually have success on the CSR. Some people just take longer than others to see results. Unfortunately it seems that I am the "some people" rather than "others" and you may be too. I would still start slow and ramp up slow. I still can't get up to the full finger of bp gel, I can barely tolerate 3/4 finger. Good luck!

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Water dries out skin. Use a cleanser that adds moisture to skin, I use Neutrogena Extra Gentle Skin Cleanser (it has glycerin & other stuff so it helps your skin retain moisture).

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