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Has anyone gotten depressed from birth control?

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Hell YES it did. I took Yasmin last year, and HOLY emotional roller coaster that was.

I'd cry for NO reason what so ever. One time I got mad at something, and I was driving home so fast crying hysterically for no reason, that I didn't care if I killed myself on the way home. NEVER again. I was suicidal almost, not kidding. I even got the ill side affects. That traumitized from taking bc pills in general again. And I never suffered from depression, do drugs, or abused alcohol...totally normal.

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I was only on Yasmin for a month and I cried at everrythinngg.. and I was so incredibly moody.. I was always angry at my mom and grandma.. and would snap at people often. I'm not like that AT ALL.

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What up homie!

Well...its so hard to say because I generally felt "stable" on Yasmin. But then if I was moody or emotional i'd automatically blame it on "BC PIlls". I think as a human being, we naturally will have ups and downs and things that occur in our lives can cause mild bits of depression or moodiness. Now that i am not on anything except anitbiotics, I see that I am still as capable of feeling down in the dumps as i was on BC pills. I still go through mood swings. the main difference i see is in Anxiety. I never thought about it much, but i started getting anxiety on BC pills, especially Yasmin and now that i'm off, its decreased significantly.

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