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How to Peel with Tazorac

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Here is a method to obtain what for me is predicitable results. I do not know whether this removes scars or what, but if you have trouble obtaining the red, peely, irritated state from tazorac this how I do it:

DAY 1-3

Wash full face with some sort of mild acid for a couple days. E.G. lemon juice, glycolic acid, apple cider vinegar, salycyclic acid etc.

For me, I used lemon juice and Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser (it has glycolic/salycyclic acid)

DAY 1-5

Apply the tazorac a couple times a day in a pea-sized lump to ONE or two scar/red marks only. Do not do this full face. It will be very obvious you are using some sort of harsh chemical on your face. You can leave it overnight as well if you put medical tape over it to keep it from getting wiped off.

Day 5-10

You should have very tight/red/dry skin on the area. Stop using the tazorac and apply an intense mosturizer. (Here I used Oil of Olay Definity). The area should flatten out due to the skin tightness, peeling, and scab-like skin growth of the area.

Day 10+

The skin will peel off and be back to normal- hopefully with a smaller/removed red mark or scar.

For me, I tried this on a 3 month old red mark/scar which was depressed like a chicken pox scar. It is now fully flat and gone completely. However because this method makes you NOTICEABLY red and irritated on spots its hard to go out into public so I am waiting till next week after my friends come down this weekend to try on other spots.

I do not know if this works for OLDER scars but it worked on a new one. I am going to try this same method on older scars in the coming weeks.

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Thats exactly what I have been doing for the past 10 days or so, I have been applying the taz ALL OVER my face, about twice a day. No reddness or irritation, just some minor peeling, erasar like peeling. I have been using it in conjunction with camellia oil. I have noticed major improvements with my skin tone and clarity though, and a minor improvement on my scars and red marks (I attribute that to the swelling though). It makes me less paranoid about my scars, but I wish I could get that real peel, if you know what I mean.

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Well the difference I think is that im not applying it full face. Theres no way you could use the same amount per spot without going through a tube a week. If you use an exfoliant like I mentioned along with putting a pea sized drop on one spot im confident you will get the intense peeling effect.

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Ahh, so you're saying to put a pea sized amount on every spot?? Whoops, I've been using about three peas for my whole face, and I havent been using an exfoliant either....off to walgreens!!! BTW, the skin around my mouth and chin looks absolutely disgusting, its like hardened skin thats peeling and red....but rough and hard. Same thing around my eyes, it makes me look older and wrinkley. Is that normal?? I will def. only use it on individual scars now.

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