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Sgt Pepper

the AJ regimen

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I've invented my own regimen thats almost cleared me up in 3 days, after being on Dans for 6 weeks its done nothing or very little.

Here's mine;

Step 1

wash in the morning with warm water mixed with a glycolic and salysilic acid formula, leaving it on for 2 minutes until it dries a bit, then you wash it off with warm water. *this opens up blocked pores and goes through cloggy sebum, like super exfoliation.

Step 2

after your face is dried, apply 100% tea tree oil with a cotton pad around the acne area, slowly dabbing onto the skin.

Step 3

after about 20 min apply ice all over the areas for a few minutes....*this unlike warmth opens pores and the areas where bacteria lurks, it also cools inflamation.

Step 4

as soon as you've finished with the ice gently rub in BP cream until its non visable.....put on non oily mosturizer or nothing if skin is not too dry

...repeat process before bed.

I started this only a couple of days ago and its done a miracle on my face which after weeks of following dans not very effective regime is making me a lot happier.

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good for you, dans regimen is doing me wonders. Been on it since monday(ill probably write up a journal thingy soon) and i'm well on my way towards being clear, amazing really.

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Dans regimen did me wonders too in the first week but then things just went to a holt and back to normal.

im still on my won regimen and today my mother saw me in the morning and commented how much better my skin is looking...which is a first really.

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