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Looking for spot treatment...

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I have mild acne.. and im just looking for spot treatment...

i was thinking about something like AHA or Neosporin or even BP...

what do u think???

and how i must use...

Thank You!

Great Forum

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If your looking for a BP product I'd either suggest Clean and Clear's Persa-gel (5%BP) or Neutrogena's Spot Treatment(thats proven to be really effective for acne pimples..if your not senstive to BP then it'll do wonders). I know people that swear on it.

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I don't like spot treating to prevent clogged pores; it's ineffective and tiresome. Acne can take two weeks to form, so while you're treating what you can see, more problems are lurking under the skin. I exfoliate regularly. I haven't had an inflamed pimple for a long time, but if I were to get one now, I would spot treat that with a disinfectant like benzoyl peroxide. I probably sound pretty contradictory, don't I? OK, what I mean to say is, if you are proned to clogged pores but not inflammatory acne, exfoliate all over your clogged-pore zone and spot-treat the odd inflamed zit with a disinfectant. If you are proned to inflammatory acne, though, you should both exfoliate and disinfect wherever you tend to breakout, even if you don't have any breakouts there at the moment.

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