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treatments in the uk

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Well, here in UK we don't get derms very easily (it's over half a year waiting list), so most of the time it's doctor prescribed treatment.

Mine gave me Dalacin T (telling me drugs are very dangerous..), and said if I had private insurance I could try some laser treatment.

I'm curious.. what did your doc give you or suggest? (uk only)

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You generally only need to visit a dermatologist if your acne is very severe and resistant to all other treatments. It is difficult to get an appointment with a derm but thats because there is a shortage in the NHS and Americans have to pay. You can pay privately to see a dermatologist and skip the queue, which is what I did and your GP should recommed this to you if your acne is very severe. Only a dermatolgist can perscribe Roaccutane, which is a last resort because it is a dangerous drug. Your GP doesn't sound particually helpful but they can perscribe a wide range of threatments from topical to anti-biotics, depending on the serverity of your acne. These treatments didn't work for me but it is best to try them before taking more drastic measures. Roaccutane didn't work for me either nor did laser treatment but this is because I have very, very resistant acne, still at 23!!!. Your situation hopefully is different from mine and I would suggest keeping the pressure on your GP and stress how acne effects you. The only treatment which worked for me was the contraceptive pill, Dianette but this isn't a cure. I find it strange that your GP recommended laser treatment, which is both expensive and in many cases not very successful.

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