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Hey guys, well heres my story.

SO iv been using sea breeze with great results and i was close to perfect ( no red marks no new acne) however I went to this party and i smoked a few to many cigarettes.Wow man those cigarettes brokeme out BAD. maybe its because i wasnt use to the cigarettes in my body or something ( i hadnt had a cigarette in a few months) but anyhow it seems to be a common trend for me at least. Im wondering if anyone else has noticed this theme. Obviously smoking cigs cant be good for you, but i didnt realize how effectable it really was ya know?

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I have a few friends that smoke and I always stay away from it. The toxins in cigarettes really affect my skin. If I'm around the smoke, I'll wake up with several pimples the next day.

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ive smoked cigarettes since age 15 and had acne since then. wish i never started....it caused acne, redness, and scars....i quit for over 6 months and my acnes cleared up...i hardly get acne but the scars jsut doesnt seem to look better...

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I honestly don't think cigarette smoking directly correlates to breaking out. I know many people who smoke and have no acne at all. I guess some could be more sensitive to it. Smoking does decrease oxygen to the skin, so it's possible.

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I think you should, smoking is cool :cool: Also, it has anti inflammic properties so it does technically, in a way, help your skin.

Though it does give you pretty aggressive cancer, but not for ages.

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