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I been having acne for over sevens years now and I notice my eating habits is very unhealthy. I been browsing this message board for the past week and I decided my first step of clearing my acne would be eating healthy. I made a small list of things I plan to buy and eat. If any one can give me some suggestions or additional foods to add, I would be really thankful. I am willing to eat anything that will help me get better.




Water Melon

Oliver Oil?? (Seen on this site)

Raw Nuts



White Rice

Bread? (Not sure if I should eat)

Chicken (How should this be cooked)

Fish (What type of fish and how should it be cooked)


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no white rice (use brown or wild rice which have higher fiber, preferrably unpolished)

extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil and extra virgin coconut oil are the best (cold-pressed)

bread (whole wheat/sourdough/multi-grain, unsweetened, yeast-free, no pastries, no bagels, higher fiber the better)

cold-water fish (preferrably fresh, non-frozen from stores, salmon, tuna, cod, snapper, other ocean/sea fishes)

chicken (skinless/fillet)

other healthy foods:

flaxseed / flax meal (preferrably whole, grind them before using)

raw garlic

sea salt (if necessary. also avoid iodized salt)

stevia (if you need a sweetener. if you cant find it, use sparingly raw wild honey/black strap molasses/maple syrup)

whole rolled oats (not instant nor quick-cooking)

green leafy vegetables (spinach, romaine/green-leaf lettuce, mustard greens, kale, watercress, collards, arugula, etc.)


citrus fruits


bean sprouts



brussel sprouts

free-ranged/organic eggs (poached/hard-boiled, if you're not allergic to them)





scallions/green onions

organic lemon/lime juice diluted in water

almost all kinds of fruits (dont eat too much sweet fruits such as bananas and mangoes)




best ways to cook meat (or veggies if you need) are steaming and grilling

surf around epicurious.com and whfoods.com for healthy recipes.

check for food allergies (even nutritious foods can cause you problem)

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some claim raisins help with acne. w/e

blueberries got lots of antioxidants, but i recall it might have an acidic effect on the stomach, which supposedly isnt good. but it never bothered me, healthy anyhow.

sunflower seeds have a lot of natural vitamin B5 in em, might help.

and wut about ur drink preference? just a lot of water? thats great also. be wary of soda or coffee if not already. aloe vera juice is good natural cleansing crap, w/e. lemon juice w/ a straw might help cuz its really alkalizing, supposedly good. maybe drinking apple cider might help, forgot why but it seems to be helping me. dunno about my teeth tho

sure make sandwiches, with chicken or turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, w/e bread. i personally like mustard. w/e. kinda random

and wtachout for dairy, affects some, hopefully not you.

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