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Lactic Acid Works! red marks are alot better

ok, i took accutane for 5 months, worked very well, but now i have alot of red marks from all the acne that was there. So like 2 weeks ago, i decide to buy lactic acid from MUAC, 40 percent . I put it on a week ago for about 3 minutes, and i could tell it was working. There wasnt any noticeable improvement, but 4 or 5 days later they were looking better than they have ever been, and they havent really gotten that much better for about a year. So anyways last night I did it for about 5 minutes on all of my red scars, and this morning I wake up, and they faded considerably, you can just see your skin tone evening out and the red marks fading into it. I say from 2 weeks ago before I used it, right now it is at least 30 percent better.

ps. i kknow people on this board say to wait 6 months, but i couldnt wait that long after accutane. Its been about 3 monhts and my face is fine. it doesnt irritate it.

ok thanks

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About the waiting part after accutane......I don't know what this means but I did the tape method SEVERAL times on ACCUTANE and it did NOTHING for me.

The tape was pretty damn sticky too. I got about 5-6 flakes of dead skin each time........the area would be really red for about 10 minutes afterwards but that was it.

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