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dr.'s appointment tomorrow

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i'm going to the doctor tomorrow about my acne for the first time. i'm relatively clear right now, with only one or two active blemishes. the main reason i'm going is because i'm having an annoying case of facial irritation (especially around my eyes) after using some BUNK bp. i know the regimen gel says it's prescription grade bp, do they actually prescribe bp? if so, do you think they prescribe a 2.5% concentration or something more harsh? are there any other topical medications that might be worth trying? i doubt they'll give me any anti-biotics because my acne is admittedly pretty mild. oh and i have kaiser, so prescriptions are actually cheaper than OTC products would be.


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Physicians can prescribe BP and in most cases it's covered by insurance - it's usually pretty cheap. Rx scripts typically go as high as 10% BP but can be much lower as well. Pharmacies carry both on-the-spot treatment (usually your higher strengths) and facial washes (your lower strengths).

Since you have insurance, I might recommend Brevoxyl creamy wash. I like the formulation of this product and it usually gets pretty good feedback. Ask for the lowest strenth, though. Bigger is not always better, especially in the case of BP. If your brand name co-pay is high and you don't like paying for it, then generic Rx BP does exist.

The trick to BP is to be very light when you apply it and let it absorb on it's own. DO NOT FORCE IT. People want to get rid of their acne so bad they think if they force it into their skin with a very firm touch, it will work better. Try not to do this.

I'm not sure, but I've read a few posts in which Dan's CSR actually has movies to go along with it, to show you how to wash your face and apply BP. Seems like people really like it. Check that out too.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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