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Just a tip to see the most improvement while using the CSR--->

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I used to follow the CSR based on "bedtime" and "waking up time." In other words, some nights I would put the BP on at midnight, then wake up and put it on at 7 AM. Other nights I might go to bed later and put it on at 2 AM, then wake up and put it on at like 9 AM.

Over the past few weeks I have changed this. Since I wake up every morning at 7 for school, and don't want to bother with putting BP on at school, I put it on every night at 7 PM and then again at 7 AM. I have noticed FASTER and BETTER results after each application when I separate treatments by as much time as possible (12 hours). Maybe I'm the only one who did this... but in hindsight it seems kind of dumb to apply BP at 2 AM, wait like 7 hours, apply BP at 9 AM, then wait like 14 hours or so before the next application. I have seen better results after each treatment by being more consistent in when I apply it and not throwing my skin any curve balls and also by not letting my skin have irregular intervals between treatments.

So, I do the CSR at 7 PM... study for a few hours, eat dinner, go to bed... wake up at 7 and do the CSR again. I don't think it is necessary to do the CSR RIGHT BEFORE you go to bed. I think the time between treatments is more important. Also, if you put it on at like 7 PM, then eat dinner and have ice cream or something and get stuff around your mouth, just gently wipe it off. No big deal.

Post your thoughts.

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Yea, so we've been in fact over-CSRing in the past.

I guess this makes sense. I thought about the implication of the body in a sleep state would help the BP but damn, BP is only having reactions with the bacteria...

I'll try that starting tonight and will post results 7 days later

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