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ACV regimen:: My updated results--->

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About 2 weeks ago I left a post about how great ACV has worked for me and how 100% ACV made me break out like never before and gave me severe redness for the entire time I used it. So, I started using 50/50 solution and saw great results (see my post on page 3 or 4 if you want to read it).

Anyways, about a month later, I can still stay the same thing-- my face has never looked better. Using 50/50 ACV toner with the CSR has made my skin look as good as it has ever looked. Another thing I have noticed since using 50/50 ACV toner--> I never get zits on areas I don't put the CSR gel! Before, when I was just on the CSR, I would hardly ever use BP on my forehead because it wasn't a bad area. I would only put it around my nose and mouth. However, every other week or so I would usually get a huge zit on my forehead that would last awhile, then go away. Since applying ACV toner on my forehead, I haven't gotten a zit and I haven't applied ANY BP to it. So, I went a step further and tried dropping off the CSR and just cleansing and applying ACV toner. I did this for about 2 days and broke out miserably around my mouth. So, I'm back to the CSR + ACV toner (no moisturizer either, by the way, because ACV seems to keep my skin balanced) and noticing improvement.

It is hard to sit here and "quantify" how much my red marks have faded, so I will just throw what I think is a fair estimate out there. I would say that my red marks have faded 60-70% in visibility. I'm basing this on the fact I can stand closer in the mirror than before and still not notice them... up until I get like a couple feet away. Before, I could see my marks like 20 feet away (lol).

Anyways, I'm going to change a variable and put a couple aspirin in my toner and see if it helps. If not, oh well. To be honest, I am pleased with the visibility of my red marks as is. But, just for kicks and out of boredom, I'm going to see if I can finish off this "30%" with some aspirin^^.

I'll repost in a couple weeks.

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hi.....what is CSR gel ...good luck with the 30 %

i have the same problem..i have red scars on my cheeks ..they are under the skin and not big size but in number...i do have occasionaly minor acnes but until now i have not used any products on my acne i let it heal itself since my acne is mild its okay BUT as far as the red marks left after they are gone THATS WHY I AM HERE...after going through the forum i put together a little regime havent tried it yet i want to take ur opinion on it..


apply AVC by a pad leave it to dry 15 min

WASH...apply BP 2.5% neutrogena on the spot

leave 10 mins to dry

WASH add moistruizer or sunscreen


apply pure deming intense gel


manuka honey product


vitamin B5 and E

masks---not for acne but for skin health

asprin mask twice a week in the middle if the day so not get in the way of morning and night regime

other masks that involve fresh cut juices and honey

i want ur opionion on these..any one tried those products and had my issue please give me a feedback

also..i know where are supposed to use AVC in the ratio 1:1 or 1:2 water:vinger...what is there a specfic concentration of the vinger there are strong mild and moderate..

how many times these products should be applied..

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I'm on a modified version of the CSR right now and want to try incorperating ACV into my regimen. What would be the best way?

Morning: CSR cleanser in shower, Jojoba oil on damp skin (allow to dry) for moisturizer, CSR BP

Night: CSR cleanser mixed with a little baking soda to exfoliate, Jojoba oil, CSR gel

Would the ACV help neutralize the skin after I use baking soda at night to exfoliate? would this be the best time to apply it? Thanks.

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