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Hello. Well, I haven't been around the boards anymore as I ended my summer office job 4 weeks ago, and am back at school, so I don't get on the internet very often.

Anyway... here's whats new...

I've now been on the regimen for 8 weeks and a day. Wow... I can't believe it. It seems like I'm not even on the regimen, because I don't ever put any thought into it. It's just become a part of what I do everyday, like brushing my teeth.

Anyway, just this last week I've been feeling pretty good about my skin. I definately see that my skin is quite smooth, and I no longer have a moon face. However... because I have severe redmarks... you cannot see any imporvement in my skin. By that i mean... I am the only one who notices. My skin still looks just as horrible, but at least there is alot less active acne. 4-8 more weeks and then I will really start looking into getting rid of the red marks. Maybe some glycolic acid peels or something. I haven't really looked into it much.

Anyway, up to this point my skin actually is much worse than before i started. My left cheek was always better than my right cheek, but it brokeout a while back on the regimen, and is as bad as my right now. Also... my forehead has broken out[havent had acne there throughout my entire 10 year acne career - and am not pplying bp here, and probably will not]. Despite my skin looking much worse, I have a positive attitude as I see my active acne slowing, and I look forward to getting rid of the redmarks. Anyway, I'm looking for an answer. Why has my forehead broken out? I havent had acne there ever, and i have had acne for 10-11 years now. What is the science behind why I am getting acne in this never-before-a-problem area?

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