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Went to see the derm. The long road continues...

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Last week, I went into a pharmacy during the day, hot and sweaty, looked into the mirror and my scars which I thought had improved were clearly visible. I was shattered.

Today, I went to see yet another surgeon ( www.iccm.com.au ). The doc was really caring and we had a fruitful discussion. He said my scars weren't too bad.

He suggested some laser and microderm for the outside of the scar and fillers for the inside. I told him I had subcision 5 mths ago for 1400 bux, he almost fell off his chair. He said he does it free with fillers if necessary. He said, subcision works much better with fillers or something, not so much on it's own.

Restalyne costs $308 aussie bux for 0.4 ampules.

But he said that was a waste and put down a plan for me which included new fill and aquamid. He said it was safe and permanent.

He said I would need 2 new fill sessions at 800 bux each and 1 aquamid for 1300.

Now these perm fillers scare me cause I don't know too much about them. I don't know what to do currently. Big decisions to be made.

Anyone have any advice for me?

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He is a cosmetic surgeon not a dermatologist. I also would prefer to be treated by a Dr with a degree from Sydney University.

I researched about 20 doctors and rang up several clinics. I rang his clinic and the receptionist told me that he doesn't really specialize in acne scarring procedures. I cancelled him from the list.

Personally i wouldn't go to him. I would go to another dermatological surgeon. Try going back to Dr Walter and get his opinion and maybe get another subcision procedure followed by roll-cit. However you will need 2 or more weeks of work atleast.

If not go see another dermatologist - namely Dr Neal Hamilton in Glebe or Dr Greg Goodman in Melbourne.

I am going down to Melbourne in December and hopefully i will see Dr Goodman and i will ask for his opinion on my recent treatment because he does the same procedure in his clinic. Also i will ask him about smoothbeam whether or not it could do anything for my scarring on my right hand side of my face. If not i might get another roll-cit procedure done in Walter's clinic.

I have heard from Hatch, that there could be complications with aquamid but on the other hand the new fill seems ok but is it permanent.

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How come you guys are not interested in Dr.Scheibner's technique? I think its the best when it comes to non ablative procedures and as a side effect it will also improve large pores, red marks and other pigmentation problems.

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