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Would this be a good idea. I had a terrible IB and I was just wondering if going on stievamycin was a good idea. Nothing else has helped at all. Mikee recommeded it to me and I looked into it and it looks like a good idea to me. Just looking for other opinions. Thanks

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FYI for some of the other members: Stievamycin is a combination drug of E-mycin and tretinion and usually comes in a gel form. It's usually used just once a day (at night before bedtime) - just like a any other topical retinoid.

I'm assuming you are also on accutane too and unless your doc knows you are on stievamycin or is prescribing it concurrently, I would stay off of it. It's not common to put someone on both an oral and topical retinoid (although it does happen in certain cases). Usuing both can lead to excess irritation - which is never a good thing. If the doc is prescribing it just for the IB, you should be OK. Personally, I would ask for something less irritating to help with the IB - Cephalexin for example.

Good luck!

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I liked it more than tazorac!!!!!!!!

But use it after you are done the tane. You don't need it with the tane. Like a preventitive measure after.

Cause all peope are not totally like acne free after tane. Some just a lot less and totally milder. This was great for me! I tended to like the strongest gel they offered, but with tazorac the gel was less effective, but I was better with the Steivi-A gel

I am doing Green Cream right now. Time will tell. Supposedly it is good.

I will keep posting on this if this thread stays active, then i like totally lose them.

PM ever if you wish....... :)

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