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Help me with b.p. gel brands please

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At first i used to use 10% b.p like zapzit and it worked pretty well. When i found this site i started using the neutrogena 2.5% and it worked great but i only did that for 1 week because i found out that kaiser has the same stuff for way cheaper.

Now that i have used both 2.5% bp gels it seems like they are way diff. The neutrogena stuf goes on white and is very drying while the Kaiser brand looks white but goes on pretty clear and also i dont even have to use moisturizer because it doesnt get flaky at all. It also seems like the neutrogena stuff cleared me up more. Anybody know what the deal is?

Please help!!

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Kaiser is far better. Feel lucky that you are in the Kaiser system. I am as well and I use the Kaiser stuff. It works great, however it still has problems when sweating. But overall, it is far superior to the neutrogena, even tho either will keep you clear.


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Unfortunately, they ask for your Kaiser card when you go in there.

I am getting ready to make the plunge and get our own large size bp in production in the next week or so. It's a huge investment, but it has to be done. I think everyone is going to love it. Not only is it way cheaper because it's really not that expensive to make--Neutrogena and the other companies are simply marking it up to incredible levels--but it also is far superior to the on-the-spot in several ways. It spreads more easily and doesn't turn white during exercise, and doesn't stick to clothing for people using it on their back/chest. Can you tell I'm excited?! The only thing is I am going totally by the book and being extra safe and careful which means I am putting it through rigorous FDA testing for 3 months or so to ensure quality. So I will not be selling it for another few months.

Until then, if you want to be alerted when it goes for sale, you can sign up for the mailing list on the acne.org homepage.


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Hey blunder, you can always get a buddy w/ kaiser coverage to get some for you. They cost like 4 bucks but you get a huge amount almost the size of a toothpaste toob. It goes on completely clear and i dont even use moisturizer over it but it doesnt give me that dried out feeling (which i like) so it does have a downside.

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