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Cumulative dose?

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How does that work? Do all derms do that?

I've been taking 40 mgs per day (I weigh 125). I'm starting my 7th week today. At my last appt my derm said I was doing fine on that dose and kept me at it.

Do some people do a course on a low dosage, and never up it? Or should I expect my derm to increase my dose?

Obviously, this is something I will discuss with him, but my next appt is not until the 3rd and I wanted to research the topic a bit before I go in.


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I'm on 40mg per day, on day 20. My derm told me that she'd up my dose if she saw "little to no result" at the end of my first month. So, I could continue on the same dose or go up to 60mg. I'll certainly let you know what happens when I see her next week.

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Multiply your dosage per day times the number of days you're going to be taking Accutane. Divide this number by your weight in kilograms. That's your cumulative dosage in mg/kg/day. Target is usually 120-150.

If you're on multiple dosages throughout your course, you can add the cumulative dosages for each dosage together.

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