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My philosophy on life.

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All i can say is learn to love yourself. As hard or stupid as this may seem it really is the key to life. I believe that all of us are here on this earth to learn lessons such as love. The main reason is that you will never be able to truly love anybody else until you learn to love yourself. You might be saying " well nobody wants me to love them anyway because i am ugly". There is truth to this because nobody will want you to love them if you are giving off these vibes of self pity. People can really pick up on that stuff. When they see a guy with acne and he is full of love and happiness they think "Wow, what a great guy" no matter what you look like. If they dont then fuck em. You are proving not only to the world but to yourself that you can overcome the cosmetic material hurdles that have been laid upon you.

I believe that everything happens in life for a reason. I also believe that (consciously or subconsciously) we have chosen to be in the bodies we are in for no other reason than to learn a lesson. Pass the test and learn to love and be optomistic, and determined, and passionate, and posotive no matter what obstacles lie in your way.

The reason you lack friends, lovers, and mentors is because you feel like you deserve less. These are all self induced problems. Think of how much greater you would be than the clear skinned individual if you accomplished even more than them? Outshined them in life? Truly a strong, worthy individual. Only you have the chance to become that person. The beautiful people could accomplish the same things but than there will be those who say " oh, they just got lucky because they are good looking". Those people do not have the same opportunities that you do.

I look in the mirror and see a skinny, zitty, white guy. I look into my eyes and see who i truly am; a loving, caring, talented, funny person.

I assume that other people can see that too, and guess what? they do!

I have many friends, am confident w/ girls, am successful at work and enjoy life. Look into the mirror and peer into your eyes and tel me that there is not something special inside of you! Something that has been there ever since you were born. Something that you can not describe.

That something is testing you right now. Come out and be who you are and love yourself and demand love from the world. Life will change when you allow it. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

You might be saying " this guy probably doesnt even have acne" but trust me i do. Pretty damn bad too. I have been suicidal and not loved my self and wanted to hide from the world just like you. I now have come back into touch with the person I was and that I always will be.

And thats how i feel, anybody dig it?

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i think you are right but......how hard that is!!

sometimes i think like 'i am happy here with my friends and i have enough money, food, safety etc etc....but there is always that little acne devil telling me 'you still got acne, you look bad...nothing else matters you wont be happy'

Really hard to fight against that.

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fair enough it's nice if you can think like that but loving oneself is way way more important IMO - being able to get on with your life without worry and have a good time I'm sure is higher in the to do list... then you can learn to love other people and it'll be a whole better experience O:)

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you're post was so inspirational! SCAR- a lot of people would argue that in order to love other people you need to love yourself first.. also that to feel loved by others you must love yourself because if you don't you won't truly believe them when they tell you how much they love you, because you don't like yourself, and you won't be willing to accept you are the great person they think you are.

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Scar, this is not about being wrong or right, its about me giving you my opinion. Open your mind a little and listen to what I am sayng. If you dont love yourself and you get into a relationship w/ someone then you are constantly depeding on their love to keep you up which is called a co-dependant relationship. Very unhealthy and destructive

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yeah i'm just joking around

but its kinda true man

think about it, anyone can love themselves

but it takes real strength to love others even if they despise you or think u r ugly

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Some assholes were commenting on my acne and said am ugly the other day, he went to shake my hand to say hes sorry,i look at him with a discusting look and ignore him. Am a nice person generally but its hard to forgive anyone that talk shit about you.

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if u had accepted his apology and just smile

he would have felt so guilty

i would know because i did that to someone. i told her she looked like a man and this and that

i told her i was sorry

she accepted it

but then afterwards, i felt so shallow and such an idoit for doing that to someone

but if she was angry

i would have persisted

guilt is a really strong negative emotion

it can really eat u up

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I used to think it was hard.

THen I remembered that in about 60-100 years, we'll all be dead. All of us. Even my peers. Even the hottest super model alive today will be dead. We have a few billion people on this planet, and we're all going to die together eventually.

THat thought makes me feel better smile.gif In about 300 years give or take after decomposition, we'll all look the same! X-D

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All i can say is learn to love yourself.....

The reason you lack friends, lovers, and mentors is because you feel like you deserve less..... 

Come out and be who you are and love yourself and demand love from the world. Life will change when you allow it.  

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like the bible says

"if they slap you, turn the other cheek"

i've always thought that this is Bs, but think about it for a moment.

Love can shame a person, and cause him to change his ways..

just like i have, i used to make fun ppl alot, then one day this girl who i always call a "man" helped me with my Hw everyday even htough i made fun of to her.

every smile she gave me caused me so much shame inside.. i made her cry for making fun of her, now instead of dissing me back she helped me with my math work everyday and taught me to do well

i feel like such a loser every time i say this...

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Well i'm sorry that has happened to you notmyfault. This just seems to work for me. Nobody ever talks shit to me about my zits because they know what kind of person i am. Its probably just because i dont hang out with the kind of people who put people down. You are wise to not hang out with them anymore. The only time anybody said anything to me about my face was my friends when they we were drunk and it wasnt in a mean way.

If somebody says something mean to you and it gets you all fucked up then thay succeded in what they tried to do. But when you dont acknowledge them or just act like its no big deal then they do not get that energy from you and they will probably never do it again.

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