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My personal experience on the regimen for 2 - 3 years (advice)

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I started using the regimen in the summer of 2003. I had tried every kind of treatment known to man. Acutane, moncycline, anything in the drug store or over the counter by perscription u can imagine, nothing ever worked. I have mild acne. I got acne in high school and university. Not always constant, but id get a few pimples at a time, it would clear up for no more than a week and come back, or as some disappeared others would appear, and theyd be really large and noticable. In the summer of 2004 i took the regimen and it worked wonders. No zits from may-sept at all, i couldnt believe it, i was the happiest person ever. Keep in mind i was outside in the sun every day at the beach/ playing sports etc. When october hit and no more sun, my skin totally flaked up and the pimples returned. I had never had a pimple on my forehead before and now got them on my forehead just as often as my face. I continued on the regime all fall/winter/spring, but it did nothing except make my skin real flakey and now gave me pimples on my forehead. In the summer of 2005 i worked outside and was in the sun everyday, i remained on the regime and had 0 pimples. Back to university in the fall and i had pimples on my forehead and face all school year long while staying on the regimin. This summer I worked in an office and got little/no sun and i had pimples all summer, the regimine did nothing. I tried using it twice a day, different products, going to once a day, it made no difference. I finally quit the regimine at the end of this summer because all it does is make my skin so flakey not even mostourizers (sp) really help. I never used to get pimples on my forehead now i do even while not on the regimen anymore, and my face was scaring. The pimples would go but they would leave red marks or scar. It didnt happen at first, but it did after a while. Their still there. It seems for some reason the regimen worked for me while i was in the sun everyday, but when i wasnt, it did nothing. This program seemed too good to be true at first, and it was. People tell you, youll outgrow acne, im 23, it's just gotten worse. You dont outgrow it.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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oh yeah and i've tried proactiv and every clearasil, neutragena, tv advertisement, drug company product, and none of them have ever worked. any promise to eleminate redness, or start working in a day or two for a noticable difference, never ever works. And ive tried changing my diet, every way imaginable, i even tried only drinking water for a year and never eating anything friend, or with really any fat, i've tried different exercise regimines, eliminating sweating, never touching my face with my hands etc etc, everything ive ever researched or read never works.

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Guest Sincerely_Me

Well, the sun usually does that to people...but as for the regimen...were you using 2.5% BP, a gentle cleanser and moisturizer? If so, and you were following the directions precisely, then you should head to the derm or even your doctor who can prescribe you something stronger than BP or even an anti-biotics.

But...tell me your EXACT regimen, and if you used anything on your face other than cleanser, BP and moisturizer.

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I did the regimen exactly as it is perscribed by the site. I did the exact sequence as the guy in the video's on this site. I used the same products as were recommended included on the site, the right types of soap, bp gel and mostourizer. I did everything perfectly according to this site. I did everything down to a Tee, but it doesnt work. I used no other products at all while under going to regimen.

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If you were doing the CSR exactly as Dan describes for that long of a time, and are no longer getting results with it, then perhaps your acne has moved on to the more persistent form. Maybe make an appointment with a derm and see what he/she thinks. Our skin is not a static thing, it does go through changes, acne seems to wax and wane for some people and it can be difficult to figure out why. A derm might be your best bet right now if over-the-counter products aren't keeping it under control anymore.

Good luck!

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Twice a day, gently spreading BP, full finger of BP, not touching your face, not irritating your face, not using Cetaphil (it breaks some people out)?

Your situtation is unlike any other I've ever heard before. You clear up with a combination of BP and sun.

Despite all this I'm still convinced the CSR works for everybody.

There has to be something that you'r doing wrong (perhaps something minor). List all the products you are using and explain how you are using them please.

My theory on your situation:

the sun breaks out some people, yet it clears others. Becuase the sun is stronger in the summer you get completely clear then, yet throughout the year the sun is not as strong and you get breakouts because the it kills some of the bacteria on your skin while other bacteria digs deeper into your pores, breaking you out.

This is what the sun does - it kills surface acne bacteria, yet it pushes some P.acne bacteria deeper under the skin (this doesn't happen to everybody). Thus it's possible that the strong summer sun killed of all surface acne bacteria and none of it was pushed into the skin, while the mild sun throughout the year killed some bacteria and pushed others deeper into your pores.

It is also possible that your skin has adapted to the sun so much, that only the sun can get you clear. By using sunscreen you should reverse the adaptation.

*My point: use a sunscreen every day (SPF30 or more) and see how it changes your situation.

BTW this is just MY theory and shouldn't be taken the same way as dermatologist advice - just try and use the regimen with some good sunscreen and you'll see what happens

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