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Are we messing with the BP Hardening Effect?

BP Hardening Effect  

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  1. 1. How is your skin in terms of dryness and flaking on the CSR?

    • I have been on the CSR for over a month and I am still dry and flaky. I have been mostly using a moisturizer WITHOUT AHA.
    • I have been on the CSR for over a month and I am still dry and flaking. I have been mostly using a moisturizer WITH AHA in it.
    • I have been on the CSR for over a month and I am not dry and flaky. I have been mostly using a non-AHA moisturizer (normal moisturizer)
    • I have been on the CSR for over a month and I am not dry and flaky. I have been mostly using a moisturizer WITH AHA in it.

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Basically my theory is, that some of us are preventing our skin from getting used to the BP, and that's why we still experience dryness & flaking - the hardening effect of BP was never completed.

Now, there could be two reasons -

1. Using too much moisturiser (I'm not saying use it only once a day, but use less each time) and therefore preventing our skin from ever getting overly dry in the beginning, so the skin doesn't need to adapt

2. Using moisturisers with AHA (lactic, glycolic acid) TOO QUICKLY and making the skin shed and exfoliate itself too much in the beginning, when the skin needs to adapt. The AHA can also irritate the skin and therefore cause dryness and flaking. --- I think this reason is more probable ---

Thus, the skin never adapts and we are forced to live with dry skin forever, despite our perfect products.

I've come onto this idea, by seeing posts from people that used Cetaphil (which contains no AHA). These people almost always adapt to the BP, because the AHAs don't mess with their skin early on.

I know I've started using moisturisers with AHA quite quickly despite the burning (which stopped with time anyway) and I'm horribly flaky even though I'm almost 2 months into the CSR (I use Neutrogena gentle cleanser, Dan's BP, Eucerin Dry Skin Relief 5% UREA).

I could be totally wrong here, but it's worth a shot.

PS: Cetaphil broke me out, so I couldn't really see what would happen if I would have used a good non-AHA moisturiser like it longterm

-Messed up the poll lol (thx for reminding me jml -you must choose both options), can any mod fix this so it would be kind of logical (you can add a button on both ones like - I voted for the above/below poll question)

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Proximity, the system doesn't allow you to vote b/c it wants you to pick one radio button for each question, which obviously is not going to work b/c you can't be both.

I am 6 weeks into the regimen and am still dry/flaky and my skin is still tingly. I like the Cetaphil for its moisturizing quality -- it does a great job of getting rid of flakes. When I put it on in the morning, I am flake free from then on all day. However, I am still getting a couple new zits every few days and I don't know if it's because I'm still early on in the CSR or if it's the Cetaphil. I am hesitant to switch products though because I don't know if I'm still breaking out because it's early or if its the moisturizer.

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Can you switch the "I am using moisturiser with AHA in it" and

"I am using moisturiser without AHA in it" to

"I was mostly (or "at the start of the regimen") using a moisturiser with AHA in it" and

"I was mostly (or "at the start of the regimen") using a moisturiser without AHA in it"

BTW I'd like your opinion on the subject :)

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alright, I fixed it again.

As to your theory. I don't know really.

We always recommend people NOT use AHA too soon, so I don't see how that can have any bearing on the hardening effect in the beginning of BP treatment. By one month (which is the point in which we sometimes recommend trying an AHA moisturizer if you are still overly dry and flaky) you should be over the hardening period, so adding in an AHA moisturizer after the first month should have no bearing in that initial hardening.

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I have to say man i am only on day 8 and for some reason i thought it was ok to use neutrogena healthy skin with spf 15 twice a day. It worked fine until today and it only stung the first couple of days but the pimples i had seemed to take a few days longer than normal to heal, something i attribute to over-irritation of my skin from the bp and glycolic acid and maybe the spf ingredients since i apparently have sensitive skin. But today i washed my face and in the 15 minute wait before bp i noticed my skin was very flaky around my mouth , eyes and nose. I think Brandy is right, if you use a non aha moisturizer in the beginning you should be fine, and i am now using cetaphil for sensitive skin as i noticed it seems to be fairly well-liked.

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I have used an aha moisturizer since the 1 month mark. I even used the alphahydrox aha enhanced lotion which is 10 or 12%. I have not had a lot of problems with flaking. I've had my moments, don't get me wrong, but nothing horrible.

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Perhaps I wasn't using appropriate words. By the "hardening effect" I meant the complete adaptation of your skin to BP.

I believe that it takes some people longer and some shorter times to adapt to the BP.

I think that basically your skin stops adapting (or perhaps the adaptation period becomes a lot longer) to the BP when you switch to an AHA moisturiser.

Some people's skin is already adapted and they switch to an AHA moisturiser for redmark clearing.

Others switch to an AHA moisturiser after a month or so to reduce flaking, when it's possible their skin has not fully adapted to the BP yet and if they just waited instead of switching, their skin would have become fully adapted to BP within a few months using a non-AHA moisturiser.

And some use AHAs early on, thus severely prolonging adaptation (or stopping it)

I'm basing this on a lot of posts I've read on the boards (people that have used Cetaphil or other non-AHA moisturisers for longer periods in some stage of their regimen have usually adapted to BP better than others)

This is totally non-scientific and I have no idea whether I'm right or wrong.

Give me your opinion on this guys.

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Some of it also depends on whether you have naturally sensitive skin, naturally dry skin, and/or naturally oily skin.

My skin can take ALOT! It is super oily and I don't recall ever having any real problem with flaking and dryness. The only annoying problems I have had is the BP leaving white residue that would sometimes peel and flake off during the day, but it wasn't my skin flaking, just the bp.

That was when I was using OTS. And it wasn't even very annoying, just occasionally a problem. Nothing that moisturizer wouldn't take care of.

But many factors to consider I think, besides moisturizer choice. Some people just have sensitive skin, some people have dry skin, and some have oily skin. From what I've seen, oily skin seems to be able to tolerate acne medications easier.

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