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Started Accutane today, question about topical w/ Accutane..

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I'm a mid-30's male that got moderate acne in my mid-20's, and ran through all the usual oral antibiotics, Rentin-A treatments, etc. No treatment has really worked for any length of time, and finally I was tired of the constant battle and talked to my doctor about Accutane. He told me it's very effective, and would probably take care of the acne once and for all, though a second treatment is necessary in around 20% of those that use it. We decided to move forward with the Accutane, which I started today, 40mg twice daily (I'm 175 lbs). I've been using Duac gel, a topical antibiotic with 5% Benzoil Peroxide, and my doctor said I can continue using it while on Accutane. Is anyone else using this, or another topical while on the Accutane treatment? I'm concerned about the redness/drying I've read about during Accutane, and thinking that the Duac can only make that worse.

Also, I've been using a facial moisturizer by Nivea called "Daily Nourishing Creme" for a few months now, and it's the best thing I've personally used. It's non-clogging to pores, not oily, and has SPF4. It's a little more expensive than some, but I would recommend it.


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You might want to ask your doctor for a topical that doesn't contain BP, such as erythromycin. I think most topical anti-biotics contain some alcohol so you won't be able to completely eliminate the drying effects. . You should try to stay out of the sun as much as possible and get a moisturizer with a higher spf. Neutrogena makes a good one. Good luck!

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