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It's FINALLY cured !!!

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Half of my life (16 to 33) I had acne on the back, butt, arms, etc. To cure it, I tried diet (low fats, vegetarianism, no sweets, no alcohol, etc), I tried holistic (little white pills, acupuncture, weird techniques), I tried the prescribed and over-the-counter topical medications, I tried with exercise and without exercise. Nothing changed.

After years of believing Accutane was only for the super-severe cases, I tried it. I reviewed the many risks and decided for myself that I was very healthy and that this risk was worth it. The downside of the treatment (only during the treatment) was that my skin was very dry. My lips were always chapped and splitting and around the fingernails was dry and sore. Body oil was almost eliminated. And of course, the dollar cost is high. None of those came even close to outweighing the positive.

Six months of those inconveniences and my skin was clear!!! My body-oil output is at a very nice level (not having to rinse my face twice a day anymore). I can eat and do whatever I care to, without affecting, or being affected by, acne. How about longevity? Well, I waited one-year after being “cured� to write this. I wanted to make sure I was speaking from good experience.

Do your investigation. Weigh the risks. Make your decision. I only wish I would have done it a lot sooner. My physical pain, embarrassment, and mental suffering are gone. I’m so glad that I’m able to write this “success� story to you all.

Good luck to all. But remember, even if Accutane isn’t the cure for you, don’t give up. There is a cure out there that will work for you!!

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Guest ThereIsHope

Awesome story! Good to hear another success story as I just got prescribed accutane this morning! :dance:

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I know your pain. Im 31 and suffered since 11 with severe acne and no derm. would take me seriously. Worthless antibiotics and creams cost me $ and didnt help one bit. Accutane is what I needed as teen but the derms were negligent and let me scar. They saw the gobs of oil my glands would pump out...so much I could coat the palm of my hand with one swipe but they would try to say topical shit would suppress it...what a load of crap! I hope those derms. suffer one day like I have for 20 years. I was proactive in trying to treat this acne they werent they just wanted my $. Glad it curbed your oil that is acne's culprit. Why cant all derms. see that?

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I wanted to go on accutane when I was in 8th grade, but my mom said that the drug was too powerful for me (she took it while aneimic and had to be taken off because she had no energy to move). So I watched as my skin got oilier and oilier and I dumped loads of $$$ into ZapZyt (which fixed my face acne but RUINED too many nice shirts to count) and other products that would help. NOTHING. I'm 18 now, and there's iPLEDGE to jump through. What a NIGHTMARE. The doctor told me I was a perfect candidate for accutane over three months ago, but I'm still in the process of being "counseled" and "evaluated" and stuck in the iPLEDGE system. Damn the insanity!!!

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