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r breakouts normal after 3 weeks of using CSR?

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hi im 17 and have started the CSR to clear up my acne i have been doing it for 3 weeks now and most of my acne has cleared up but im still getting breakouts on my for head the pimples are big and painful is this normal to get breakouts after 3 weeks?

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Yes, it is normal to get breakouts while on the regimen. I've been using the regimen for 12 weeks or so and I had a breakout the other day.

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I'm on week 6 and still having breakouts. Most people will tell you to give it at least 3 months, or in some cases 5 or 6, before you decide that whatever you're doing is not working. If you're doing everything right, you should get clear eventually. Keep your eyes focused on 3 months!

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I was going to post the link that Cambo provided above! (thanks Cambo!).

But yes, sometimes breakouts will continue during the first few months, so just try to hang in there. Make sure you are using your products correctly and consistently and just keep on with it. Be gentle and do not pick any pimples that do come up.

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I'm somewhere over the 3 month mark and I am just now beginning to experience a solid clear-up. There were several breakouts in the beginning (stress played a big role, too, though), but keep on it, this does work!!!!

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