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Question about On the Spot

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i got a tube of On The Spot to use for now untill my new dans bp gel comes..and this stuff works, but its like harder to put on the skin..is it ok if you press harder ? I mean just enough for you to see the white move around. ? or are u just to supposed to put it in spots all over and rub them in gently ?

for u people that use On The Spot..do you see the white cream moving around ? do u press hard enough like that ?

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I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, but I think you are having trouble getting it to 'disappear' into your skin.

Here is how I used OTS. I would just squirt out the entire amount onto my fingers, dot it around my face, and begin smoothing it on using outward strokes. Continue doing this until it begins to dry and feel tacky. If it is still in white streaks, these should disappear after you apply your moisturizer. I would occasionally have a line of white along my jaw line in particular and I would need to really work in extra moisturizer there to make it disappear.

So anyway, normally if you have a good moisturizer you can get those white streaks to go ahead and absorb and disappear when you apply the moisturizer.

Hope this helps!

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