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Well i started Dans regimen a few days ago and im sorry to say i dont think BP is going to solve my problems, it makes me feel horrible for one, but for two i think what i have is more hormonal and more to do with this massive oily skin. So im trying to work out some sort of "kinda" natural regimen i could try. I need advice on what you would add in, please help. Mainly my problem is pustules, not big ones but yea, they go away soon but leave redmarks, the only reason bp makes me look better is cuz my entire face goes red, and it never stops being red, after 15 weeks of bp + retin a i was still tomato red. but anyways, im thinking of something like the following:


1) Wash with Purpose Bar

2) Apply Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion(May switch to AHA in a bit)

3) Take this mega multi vitamin thing they have by me, its like called Mens CHoice and has tons of vitamins. my problem is should i do this or take b-5 and b supplement, i heard it could work bad and just break you out, but im unsure...... how much do i have to take of each of those? according to wieght or what? plz help here !


Same minus the vitamin

now should i do the multi vitamin or b5, supplenment, fish oil, zinc, copper, and calcium bit.

now my guess is when my skin gets oil i get tons of pustules, small ones all over. the moisturizer will keep it moist so my body wont have to make so much oil right? or am i off base? what else can i add to this regimen? i have like moderate acne but i have a lot of redmarks which look like i have severe acne but i dont really. i want my freedom back. i want to not worry about acne, i swear it was never this bad before meds... or maybe its just me, how long do meds take to get out of your system?

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yo man... i think it's a good call for you to leave the BP behind for now. i say do something refreshing and natural for your face too like use a tea tree toner or something. look into tea tree and other oils (lavender, emu, etc.) that calm inflamed skin. i'm sure if you did a web search you could find a good product like murad or paula's choice or go to acne-advice.com and see what she recommends.

good luck...

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