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well the post by the name of In tribute to the Melbourne Bloke type post, above or below this, inspired me to talk about this.

so heres the situations and crap.

my mother

- had acne when she was young

-milk caused her to break out

-still struggling slightly

-skinny body structure and suffered bacne

my father

-did have some moderate acne, but got over it much shorter than my mother

-milk does not affect his acne

-is no longer having any inconveniences regarding acne

-bigger and stronger body structure

-did not suffer bacne, or very little, not worrisome enough

so there are my parents

and here is my brother and me

my brother

-suffered acne for only about 4 years, age 13-17 ish

-is clear from facial acne and very rarely has trouble, maybe a zit a year

-eats ice cream, pizza, whatever his little heart desires and does not break out

-people say his face is most similiar to my fathers

-body is skinny as heck, with lots of bacne


-suffers facial acne still, 13 years and still counting

-milk and dairy affects me a lot

-greasy and fattening food possibly too

-breaking out fewer due to diet change, scars are very stubborn

-body is much more fit and stronger, similiar to my father, little to no bacne

we live in the same household and been together forever, so location, pullution, or w/e shouldnt affect us too differently no? or other crap like that

so to sum it up, i think its weird that...my face has many features similiar to my mother, including the acne, and also the fact that diet affects both of us very much. My body structure, not to be bragging, is fit and has more mass and is very similiar to my father and has little to no bacne.

on the other hand, my brother has facial features much similiar to my father, who both had and have very little to no acne. his body is very skinny and has very little mass, much like my mother, and has much more bacne.

leads me to prejudge that i inherited my mother's facial features and her acne problems, and my father's body features,

while my brother inherited more of my father's face and his "clearness" and my mothers light mass body, naturally not bulky or fit.

its just a bit humorous but, my father, mother and I sat down together to eat dinner. My mother and I both eating healthy sandwiches while my father eating greasy crap. my mother just laughs and says "its funny how Vy (me) and I eat healthy and still have acne, while you (father) and Vu (brother) dont have acne at all." i just found it ironic and true.

any thhoughts? just weird. coincidental or wut? or should this idea be even in the diet/holistic health. has some relevance to health no?

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