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After 2 months on the CSR... Trouble

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Hey all.

I signed up on these forums to share my experience with CSR so far and get some comments/discussion.

I have followed CSR exact, and I emphasize that, for 2 months. It seems that for successful CSR users if you mention you have had some problems with the regimen they automatically assume you are doing it wrong (rightfully so of course).

I am doing it correctly by reading the instructions closely and following the video.

At first my skin seemed to clear up a bit, and as expected, small breakouts occured after the first couple weeks or so.

The problem with this regimen that I see to be an issue is the red marks and scarring. Those first breakouts are gone, but the traces of them are clearly visible if not just as visible as a pimple itself. They have not faded in the slightest bit since the first day they disappeared. In fact overall my condition is pretty much the same with red marks intead of pimples.

Here and there since beginning I would get a solo pimple that wouldnt quite make it to full grown but again every time it disappears it leaves a red mark.

It's almost like im just adding marks to my face slowly through time.

The other thing that is suspect to me, is that I have never in my past had any slightest bit of acne on my forehead. My forehead has been the one section of my face that is clear and smooth. I've never had to put any BP on it in the past (i used to use stronger BP before starting CSR) and have always gotten away with simply washing it and it maintained clarity.

I never touched it with the CSR gel, and after a month or so a ton of tiny little pimples formed on my forehead and will not go away.

I don't think this is coincidence since I've had mediocre acne for years.

Anyways, don't take this the wrong way. I appreciate this website and I think there is honest and good intentions with CSR and it seems to have worked on several people. I am just trying to reach out to those who may have similiar issues I have and see what other users might have to say.



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well all i can say is that having redmarks is infact much better than having acne. if the regimen prevents you from getting new acne, stick with it. the redmarks should only appear after a blemish has occured. therefore no more blemishes, no more redmarks. the redmarks aren't scars, and will naturally fade on their own within six months or so. i know it's not much consolation to say that they'll go away in half a year, but provided you keep new breakouts at bay, your skin will only get clearer from here on out.

(hope all this made sense, i'm totally tired right now).

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i know the exact feeling

i felt like i was simply gonna keep adding redmarks to my face until my chin was literally a cluster of hundreds of redmarks

my advice is give teh CSR a rest for a day or two.

the reason i suggest this is because your skin sounds VERY MUCH similar to mine.

im now doing the regimen only at night to help reduce irritation and help combat the redmarks

and its working

i do the CSR at night, and in the morning i simply DAB my skin with tissue to remove oil etc

this way im cutting back on irriation etc.

my skin itself is clear and i only apply bp to my chin (the only area i get acne regularly now)

everywhree else ie chin an forehead i dont apply bp and i simply wash there an it works fine.

it sounds to me that if your the same that your basically growing out of acne aswel.

this time lastyear i had acne on my cheeks and forehead too

now that has gone an i can really feel a difference in my skin texture in those areas (a lot tighter and dryer)

this wil happen to your chin aswel but it takes time.

i suggest the CSR at night for a week an see if ur acne stays in control as mine did.

if it works then stick with that :D

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Thanks for the Words Dami4n.

I guess I have been worried about skipping an application because of all the horror stories I read about missing just *one*.

When you say that you only do the CSR at night, does that mean that you don't even use a cleanser in the morning? Like you just get out of the shower and dry your face and then use a tissue?

Thanks again


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