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here's the first thread if u want to read


I just got off work and before i went out the door...my clinical instructor (she's young(about 25-26 y.o), lovely and so damn cool).....the conversation started like this

I opened the door for her and she's like ...man...you're such a gentlemen...youe girlfriend must love it!!

i responded by saying" nope ..no gf..im single"

she's like 'you're single? really? i said yeah......

then i told her...well...i like the girl in the 5th floor that works in front of the PICU.....she's started smiling and giggling....she's like don't worry about it...i will take care of this for you.

i said how? she's like i was set this girl up for you and you will have a date this friday.... :pray:

i acted if i was not interested in her doing this considering she's my clinical instructor. however....when i was leaving......she's like "don't worry about that i got this thing under control...i know too many people and will get this girl for you"

i'm so damn happy right now....HOWEVER....i seriously think that girl is not available...she is too damn hot to be single....

I think she's going to set me up with this girl SINCE we never see each other not for even 10 seconds...

so there it is guys.....that's my story.......give me some advice on how to handle this situation.....

BTW...my clinical instructor freaking OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 best instructor ever!!! when was the last time you heard an instructor hooking up her student to someone in the hospital? TOTAL ownage!!

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I hate to scrape the icing off your cupcake, but I see this heading for disaster. Correct me if Im wrong, but you havent spoken to her yet. You've just made eye contact. You're just an admirer, it seems. And then, you get someone else to ask her out for you?

Ahh. You should have approached her yourself, and made it happen for you. You'd be that much more attractive to her that way.

I'm really hoping this comes through for you, dude. KEEP us updated.

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dude...i know exactly what you are saying...i feel the same way

however..you must understand that WE don't even have 5 seconds to see each other....i only see her

once in a blue moon. do u know what i'm saying?

it's constant working between us

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just tell her that then, just make it seem you havnt talked to her or asked her out because you both have been busy. You got your foot in the door now at least.

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My advice...don't SHOW that your nervous. try as hard as you can. Anytime I go out with a guy, if he's super nervous, I can tell and its a total turnoff. AND be yourself. Girls can tell when youre faking.

Confidence is one of the most attractive things. If you have it or if you can psyche yourself up to be totally in control, you have a REALLY good chance at having a wonderful date.

Good luck!

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good luck man but it's kinda of weird to be sharing this with us on the internet. like what would she think of it. Don't get me wrong man i'm glad for you. Good luck hope you get the girl

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