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i clicked one of those acne links and saw that this was the highest rated product for acne on


is this bs since i never heard of these 4 products? sry for creating 2 threads on 2 different products in a row.

I am on it and love it. Unfortunately my second order is held up at Canada Customs. They won't allow DMAE here. Acnezine is alike without DMAE. DMAE is a good antioxident, so now it has been reshipped and was contacted by customs to call Fed-Ex to pick it u for delivery to me. Now Fed-EX has a problem with this, on and on.......

But for mild acne and prevention I found it works and is good for the skin too!

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I just took it for prevention as I started to break out again. Works well, and I don't think it caused any new ones for me. I don't know how well it works for severe acne, but well worth a try. Give it like 6 months though, and use BP where necessary.......the combo is good for me, but mine was mild to moderate.

Now I get less and less.....maybe none soon! Has only been 2 months, but I was mild acne.

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ooops. I meant i had moderate acne. It is not severe acne but to my point of view it is. Is this a vitamin or a cream for the face?

Kinda like a vitamin it is a capsule with stuff good for the skin in it. Good healing properties in it too, so if you get a zit, less likely to scar. (Unless you pick). Check it out on the net!!!!!

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whenver i stress and i mean WHENVER even for 2 minutes, i get pimplkes the next 2 days. Can this help my inside to prvent it?

Quite possibly, as different things work for different people, it works for me and well worth a try. I'd say like everything else if you do give it a good 6 months to be fair. Sometimes your body needs that long to get use to something and have it work.

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