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unconsciously scratching in my sleep

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i've found myself waking up in the middle of the night about once or twice a week with my back itching/stinging and my traitor hands sockless (i wrap them, stop making fun of me :D).

since my skin is so delicate/thin on the RETIN-A, there is a shallow red indention/mark wherever i scratched. thankfully, the medication makes skin proliferate/shed+grow faster (something like that) so they go away within 4-6 days. however, they burn whenever lotion is put on them and appear very red compared to the rest of my skin. thank gosh it's on my back, not my face!

anyway, does anyone know a little more effective way to keep from scratching during sleeping than wrapping your hands in three layers of socks? it gets a little annoying when you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

or, has anyone has shared the same experience?

i enjoy talking to others here, it makes me feel not as outcast/weird and acne-cursed.

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masking tape! the clear ones. when i used to bite my nails, my mom would use masking tape and wrap my hands tight in them. then you can put a mitten/sock over the masking taped hand. if you accidentally take your sock off, your hands will still be wrapped. do you use big rubber bands over your sock to secure them? you should use that too.

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