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excisions near Chicago?

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Hi all, I have been reading this board for a couple years. More and more as time goes on it seems. I have learned a lot and have found comfort here sometimes, as we all have a common struggle. Then sometimes it feels counterproductive because I have become so obsessive about my scars. But that's beside the point...

I would like to find a plastic surgeon who does excisions near Chicago. Not sure if it would work for any of my scars, but I would like to find a doc to ask about them. The only one I have found on this board is Dr. Shideler/Dr. Bushong in IN, which is 3-4 hours away from me. So, I am leaning towards going for a consult there, but wondering if anyone knows of any others? Also, does anyone know how much a consult is with Dr. Shideler or Dr. Bushong? Thanks!

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Happy I could help if u go see Dr. Manolis for the excisions keep me updated. I made an appt. about 3wks. ago w/ Dr. Shiedeler and the soonest available was Oct. 17th but I'm still gonna wait just hopefully after the initial consult I won't have to wait another two months for treatment.

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I made an appointment with Dr. Manolis for a week from today. Also, I got an appointment at Dr. Shideler's for two weeks from now, but not with one of the doctors. They said if it isn't considered medical and won't be covered by insurance, then the initial consult is not with a doctor. Were you able to get your consult appoint. made with a doc? Wondering if I should have just said it is medical. I have good insurance, and they probably wouldn't balk at paying for a visit, since Dr. Shideler is a dermatologist too. I don't know, I just don't want to drive 3 hours there and 3 hours back if I am only going to end up talking to someone that may not be able to give me the best feedback on my options. My new plan of action is to get a few different opinions, and hopefully I will be comfortable enough with one of the docs to treat with him/her (as opposed to my old plan, which failed, of blindly following what one plastic surgeon recommended cause I was desperate).

Anyway, will be happy to let you know how the consults go. I am happy to atleast have these appointments made.

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Well now I'm questioning wether or not my appt. is w/ Dr. Shideler. I'm going to call them tomorrow and find out for sure. I'm pretty sure it is though. Good for u that u got an appt. so soon. Curious to know what and which plastic surgeon u had your bad exp. w/?

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The closest plastic surgeon in my area won't do excisions...even though it mentions scar treatment on their website. I wrote his nurse and she said 'unfortunately, Dr. Gerson only performs cosmetic procedures and doesn't handle dermatology procedures' so then I asked her if she knew anyone that did and within ten minutes I got a reply saying, simply, "No, I don't have any referals for you'.

Wow. Thanks. So so very much for HELPING someone.

I hate having to go through the whole chain of doctors and whatnot to find ONE person that is willing to put some time into helping you.

Good luck! If anyone hears of anyone good in southeast Wisco, let me know!

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